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名称/wtoolsa 编辑

  vmware.exe - vmware - 进程信息
进程文件: vmware.exe or vmware
进程名称: vmui

描述/wtoolsa 编辑

vmware.exe is a process associated with VMware Workstation from VMware, Inc..
Recommendation for vmware.exe:
vmware.exe is not a critical component, but see the information above before disabling it.

Author: VMware, Inc.
Part Of: VMware Workstation

安全等级 (0-5): 0
间谍软件: No  
病毒: No ( Remove vmware.exe )
木马: No ( Remove vmware.exe )
Memory Usage: N/A   
System Process: No
Background Process: No
Uses Network: No
Hardware Related: No
Common vmware.exe Errors: N/A